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Amoraea and I are off to Greece to connect with the Goddess, the serpent and all that reveals itself during our rituals and meditations.

Companion Dogs

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Over the last 25 years we have been working with canine companions. We have been applying our research, ideas and experience to a host of areas: therapy and emotional support dogs for those with trauma/PTSD, service dogs (mobility and seizure, cardiac and cancer detection). We have created extreme recreational exercise companions (body surfing and newer […]


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We have been working with interviewing war veterans and will be releasing our research in the next 12-16 months ! Stay tuned!

Books News: Cancer Survivors

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I continue to work on a  fascinating interviews with cancer survivors. The research is filled with amazing stories of courage alone with intervention innovations! Working with affiliate medical professionals and protocols and cutting edge knowledge on holistic applications brings new hope.

Naga Yoga

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NAGA YOGA … With Live Serpents & Dr Lisa Join Dr. Lisa & her serpents, the last Sunday of each month, for her unique practice weaving yoga, meditation and much more Benefits: -Enhance asanas and pranayanas -Improve balance and core connection -Stimulate energy flow in our organs -Experience archetypal ancestral dances -Work with the snake […]


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my birthday wombn 12_12_2014aa This months WOMBN is an intimate weave celebrating my birthday as well as Kerem Brulé’s birthday. Kerem is the beautiful goddess playing the didj during the last phase of Mika’s healing.. I invite those who feel called to join us for a loving warm outer/inner connection to your WOMB, the collective […]

WOMBN (COED), July 6th, 2:30–6:30pm

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WOMBN: Weaving our brothers and sisters! Recreating Rituals for Healing & Evolution Calling in Visionary Bravehearts What: Celebrating and Integrating Global Holistic Sex Education, Healing & Evolution. We all have a primordial connections to the womb. In the Womb Weave, we are part of something grand, larger than ourselves. Here, we weave strands of experience […]

Fantuzzi & Friends: Intimate Evening of Music, Stories, Meditation..

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Coed WOMBN, Mar 16

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womens weave 12 enlig sex WOMBN..COED A SPIRAL AWAKENING, VISIONARY MIDWIVES & YONIVERSE PRODUCTION Beyond procreation and hedonism, what purpose does our 2nd chakra serve? We call in women/men: shaman, visionaries, healers, artists, teachers, students, grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters. The Weave also heals our fathers, brothers, sons and future lovers. Womb Weavers and Visionary […]


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Greetings. Calling Women to attend WOMBN. We are weavers. We look forward to seeing you all this sunday 12p-430p. We have room for 4 more attendees~you may pass this along to any woman you feel resonates with our intention. There is a $100 stipend for your participation as this is an educational series being filmed. […]

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