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Supporting, Contributing,  Adjunct Staff and Spiral Tribe Members:

Mackenzie Meadows, Chandler Apramian-Nutrition interns and herpetology assistants


Juan Cantu and Umberto -herpetology assistants
KarlKarl-inspired to integrate and heal his own manhood, he trained at the Sterling Men’s Weekends and continued to attend meetings for 7 years. Craving more, he visioned bringing men into nature and facilitating rituals of emotional release and breaking free and becoming liberated.  Karl is a physical and spiritual warrior in process. He  trains weaving the martial arts, yoga, meditation and intuition. Rather than kill each other, he invites men come together to kill the enemy within. By private referral only. At this time Karl is seeking other men who wish to colloborate and eventually mentor young men.

salvatore bio pixScott “Sky” Masters, C.C.- Scott cofacilitates our bimonthly devotional singing and plays beautiful guitar. He has worked in the area of healing relationships through, Compassionate Communication, Self-discovery and inner child work, Co-Dependency Recovery, meditation practices, rebirthing, E.F.T., creative expression through writing, sound healing and music. He has lived a life as an avid seeker and a finder of some core truths along the way.  “We are one” are not just words to speak without the power of truly connecting with who we are… “We are here to know our Core Self as Spiritual and Creative beings, then we can truly communicate and connect with others at a deep level.”Scott has lived in an Intentional Community for over five years and has a passion and a relentless drive for creating and building community.  “The world belongs to the practice of Community… Only by overcoming isolationism do we have greater safety and security in an insecure world.”  He has been a “mindful marketer” for the last ten years, puppeteer, bicycle mechanic, community organizer, writer, speaker, mediator, musician and songwriter.  He has been an organizer of many groups, creative venues, events, workshops and speaking engagements(2010).


JOANNE grew up in Albany, NY. She earned her B.S.N. and R.N. from Columbia University, a M.N. in nursing from the University of Washington, and is a Ph.D. candidate from US International University. She is a registered nurse, project director of California Regional Medical Project, faculty at SDSU and Brigham Young University, a board member of International Council of Integrative Medicine, former member of the San Diego Board of Mental Health, president of the Association for Holistic Health, and a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ . Joanne is the quintessential embodiment of unconditional love, and we are so grateful for her graceful presence. She has been a midwife supporting the visions of Sacred Sanctuary San Diego with an emphasis on Lendens integration into our community(2006-2010).

LEIANA is from Guam and has been involved with the Guam activist network and Pacific Island culture. She is a graduate from Cal State San Marcos in Literature and Writing Studies with a Womens Studies minor. She handles administration, publication, media communication, graphics design, and layout for NB4AG and the Spiral Arts Institute. Leiana is the contributing editor for FlawLes magazine, on the board for the Foundation for Change working with the gay and lesbian communities, immigrant rights, and media justice, and she is passionate about womens issues(2008-2009)

dianeDiane has been an independent marketing and graphics consultant since 2004 and is based in San Diego. She brings in a wealth of knowledge from her previous years in the printing and publishing industry in Southern California, Chicago and New York from 1986 to 1998. The next six years were devoted to the profession as a holistic bodywork practitioner, her studies in Transpersonal Psychology, Transformational Breath work and meditation techniques. Diane is now dedicated to utilizing her experiences to market and promote holistic and healing workshops for Spiral Awakening. In her spare time, she is a multidimensional artist, loves animals, travel and is an avid golfer(2004-2009( .

angelica-intern-008Angelica is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies at Colgate University, and spends her free time writing manifestas, starting trouble in every way possible, and jammin’ out to ear splitting music – usually all at the same time. She joins our team of interns working interviews, performance footage and the completion of the book accompanying the award winning documentary film now on DVD, “Not Bad for a Girl“(2009-2010).

Emily recently graduated from UC San Diego where she double majored in Critical Gender Studies and Political Theory. Emily has been doing research for Not Bad For a Girl, the book, and is examining the ways in which the bands and individual performers challenged and subverted traditional gender identities and rigid notions of sexuality through their music, stage performance, and public image. Emily is also interested in the sociology of religion and the epistemology of far-right religious communities(2008-2009).

STEPHANIE is participating in our international women’s studies internship program with the University of Sydney, Australia where she is earning her MA in Gender Studies. She is a classical music teacher as well as a rock musician and rock music teacher. She was the founder and director of Rock n Roll High School. Stephanie is one of our journalistic researchers and also assists with public relations, music production, and a historian for our NB4AG project(1992-2009).

LEN is a Mexican-American male born in East Los Angeles & raised as an Aztec warrior. He spent 20 years (from ages 13 – 34) incarcerated in youth authority and many state correctional facilities throughout California spending most of his time in SHU’s and AdSeg/”the hole”. He began the journey of self realization through satsang with Dr. Lisa at RJ Donovan State Prison. Upon release, he began dabbling with identity deconstruction by first removing his gang tatoos. He is also an assistant to Doug in the herpetology internship program and is learning to be responsible for these animals lives affecting  his karma, darma, and transformation. He also wants to give back to the community by volunteering his time offering gang awareness to at-risk teens with an emphasis on Mexican-American teens, to support awakening and preparing Mexican American men for ascension. We owe a thank you to various supporters in our community who Dr. Lisa reached out to such as Clean Slate LA’s low fee gang tattoo removal program and Gabriela Baeza of SAFE who referred Lenden to the T.F.K. non violence foundation where Lenden developed confidence offering gang awareness talks to at-risk youth for teens and their parents at schools and churches. We also want to thank certain individuals in the parole departments who assisted Lenden in reaching out to Juvenile Hall where he speaks frankly about gang life, hard choices and consequences. More recently, Lenden has been discovering his creative side exploring photography & was the videographer and still photographer for spiral awakening’s Tantric Improvisation DVD series & co-facilitator of our summer Tantric workshops for men. His education and awakening was financially sponsored by Spiral Awakening for 7 years now, faithfully midwifed with heart and soul by Dr. Lisa and spiral affiliates Joanne Axton Vishnu Priya, Nic, Dushan, Jason, Jimmy, & Rand. Currently, Lenden is developing his own program for at risk teens and at the Spiral Arts Institute facilitating dialogues with at-risk youth and their parents, expanding their visions of themselves and their value in our global community and assisting them in discovering new pathways. He is also writing a book about his transitions from the violent lifestyle of gang~banging to cultivating consciousness, meaning and integrity. To support Lenden’s Gang Re~Awakening story unfolding and his wish to help inner city youth Mexican Americans, contact SpiralAwakening to make a tax deductible donation(2002-2008). Go to Zen Len’s miracle page…for more

ZOR has traveled worldwide studying, teaching and performing the Fire Arts. By incorporating Poi, swords, staves & -2 10fire-eating into martial arts and dance, he has created an exotic one man Fireshow that is quite breathtaking and immediately captivates and inspires the audience with its beauty, reverence and showmanship. Since ’98 he has performed for numerous types of events including opening night parties for the prestigious Cirque du Soleil, the official FireConclave performances of the Burningman arts festival, Nike, Deepak Chopra, and appearances in Rolling Stone, Smithsonian and New Yorker.  Zor collaborates with a variety of visionary performers weaving his gifts and incorporating dance, poi, martial arts, fire spinning, and consciousness .

Born and bred of sturdy stock, this good little Baptist boy from Texas graduated from Baylor University with a healthy start in traditional moral values. Upon moving to Southern California, he heard a deeper voice. The straight and narrow gave way to exploring the unknown. The call of the wild is his true spiritual path.

Beyond even this, ZOR has created an over-the-top Fire Spectacle atop a 20ft Tower. Like a human fire windmill, ZOR is spinning 9′ Fire ropes cresting at 36 feet and enormous sparks to a diameter of 136′! Featured in the notorious Burningman Arts festival ’04-’10, nothing like this has been seen before. ZOR is the Superhero Fyregod of epic proportions and the feedback has been incredible.

ZOR kar 2“Behold ZOR;  THEE alchemist of Fyre. Having been to so many circuses and Burningmans, i have seen hundreds of fire shows.   Never have i witnessed a fire encounter of such magnitude and an entity capable of creating and dancing so smoothly with such massive waves of fyre.”      Alchemy Devi



Cassie is a beautiful rhythmic mover~dancer who performed with Urban Tribal Dance and Alchemy. She also has studied energy medicine with Donna Eden. She has contributed to several womyn’s weaves and dancing performances. Currently she and Alchemy are writing and choreographing the next Tantra Theater project for the Yoniverse project in the fall/winter/spring(1999-2010).

Doug is a master journeyman in working with glass. He was raised on a farm and has an intuitive side with animals. We are delighted and honored to have him take care of our temple serpents herpetology internship here at Sacred Sanctuary San Diego(2007-2010).
Shanti-PortraitShanti Shivani is one of the few Western pioneers bringing the sacred traditions of Nada Yoga and Dhrupad, the most ancient style of Hindustani classical music, to the West. She brings a wealth of vocal, meditative, movement and experience to her classes and performances. She had the great fortune to be accepted as a paramparastudent of the premier family of the Dhrupad lineage, the Dagar family. Her first teacher was Dr. Ritwik Sanyal before continuing her studies with his gurus, the late rudra veena maestro Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and his brother Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar. Their family has been passing on the Dhrupad tradition for nineteen generations. Her studies with Ustad Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar enriched her understanding of Nada Yoga.
She spent 8 years in India studying and practicing Shaivism and Tibetan Buddhism along with her Dhrupad studies.
jessicadsc03702Jessica is a free spirited Los Angeles Native who has always had a passion for health and nutrition. After receiving her bachelors degree in dietetics from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Jessica began working for The PHFE WIC Program, provide nutrition counseling for low income communities.  She is currently living in  Sacred Sanctuary San Diego  while completing her dietetic internship to become eligible for the Registered Dietitian exam. One of her many passions is teaching people how to look good, feel good and get the most out of life through foods and nutrition.  Jessica has participated in our Nutritious Arts Network(2009).

Your food shall be your medicine

dsc03993-javier-pizza-aJavier is a Mexican-American brother who paroled and lived, prayed, and worked with us and who we welcomed into our community parole project here at Sacred Sanctuary San Diego. He has cared for the smooth running of Sacred Sanctuaries gardens, plants, fountains, serpents and canines. He also assists us in marketing and outreach and is an excellent role model for anger management and sober living(2008).

CAMILLE earned her B.S. from California Polytechnic University in 1998 in Regenerative Studies, a certificate in permaculture design from Larry Santoyo. She has worked as a landscape designer for Terra Nova Ecological Design, LA Plantation, and as an intern for the Center of Natural Design, San Luis Obispo, California. She is the founder of “The Nature of Things,” a organic landscape design firm that specializes in sustainable systems and site planning where she currently works as a landscape designer and Permaculture consultant. She has interned & been responsible for a number of installations that utilized community children & permaculture education in Los Angeles. Camille has participated in Sacred Sanctuary San Diego’s nutrition residency program of cleansing and detoxification, live food preparation, retreats, and snake chi and resides in Los Angeles, California. She is an integral part of our international visions and sustainable retreat centers(1999-2007).

DEL MAR is a massage therapist, musician, theatrical and commercial actor and model featured on television and commercials. Del Mar is a co-facilitator of Tantric seminars with Devi Alchemy. He is featured in several of our DVD’s in the Tantric Improvisation series and co-facilitates Tantric and Shamanic Theatre, Gay Tantra, raw food cleansing and nutrition retreats, and snake chi programs (1993-2008).

VISNU PRIYA (Scorpio) is a true nomadic spirit. She has studied yoga, meditation, kirtans, and consciousness much of her life serving many yogic communities up and down the coast of California and Arizona. She has been a live food chef at Sacred Sanctuary San Diego and a dancer performing in Shamanic Tantric Theatre with Devi Alchemy. She served raw food for Happy Oasis, the founder of Raw Spirit Festival of Sedona Arizona, Ananda Marga Monastary White Tantra in India as an assistant in the accupuncture clinic, Shiva Center house mother, being a devotee, monk, high cook, white tantrica, and practicing daily kirtans, and meditation, HareKrishna Sangha full time bhatine (service of love), and running in the circles of Amma Gi and Sai Baba singing bhajans and loving everyone(1999-2004).

GADEN SHARTSE MONASTERY from India, the monks and Rimpaches from this Monastery come bringing purification, healings, performances, debate and teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to Sacred Sanctuary San Diego.

KYLE is a graphic designer, post-production technician, editor & drummer who has played in countless bands. He has toured Europe & the U.S. as a musician and faithfully serves as videographer & editor for our projects. His influence was instrumental in facilitating the production of Not Bad for a Girl which he co-directed & edited. Kyle has assisted in numerous video shoots and is one of our staff editors for Alchemy’s current video series (1991-2010).

JOY D.C. Ph.D. (candidate) has been a pioneer in the field of personal growth & transformation for over 30 years as an expressive artist, natural doctor, depth psychologist, author, workshop facilitator & public presesenter. She has collaborated with Devi Alchemy in sound healing and vocal improvisation groups and retreats visioning in Costa Rica, Sarasota, and San Diego (2002-2010).


RAY is a visionary artist and wrote a theatrical piece for Alchemy. He is a tuning fork for the calling of mother goddess. He is a nurturing spirit and messenger for goddess integration. Ray is a sustainable art curator and designer and creator of the infamous Water Woman, a fashion designer for goddess wear, and the developer of goddess pods. He can teach individuals and organizations how to build anything with recyclable items, turning “trash to treasures.” He has designed spiral landscapes, cob benches, and taught the subject How to Disengage from the Water Grid- with Rainwater, Greywater, and Composting Toilets.

Dawa-Ngima-Dawa-Tamang-webNgima Dawa Tamang Compassionate being in faithful service to the people of Tibet. Dawa has raised money for Tibetan children who became orphans of the recent invasions and violence in Tibet. He has stayed at Sacred Sanctuary, tended to its gardens as well as supported our temple serpents, Shamanic Theatre and Naga Qi programs. He supports treks to the Himalayas and currently lives in Tibet with his wife and children(2001-2004).

ED is part of a lineage of shamanic healers from the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungles of Peru. He practices the art of Luminous Energy Medicine, a series of powerful healing traditions employed by shamans for over 10,000 years to heal physical & psychological conditions. Since 2003, Ed has been studying with indigenous medicine people & other spiritual teachers from Peru, Guatemala, India & the United States. Ed is also a musician, a composer, an electrical & audio engineer, He graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University in 1984. Ed offers shamanic workshops with Dr Lisa(2010).

Patrick Born and living in Ireland Patrick came to the US in 1984 and lived for 7 years in NYC. He moved to San Diego in 1991 – his travels then turned inward inspiring his first creative poem & then his first book of poetry, “Bard Intervention.” 1n 1999, he created his first bronze sculpture, “The Commitment.” His copper and silver Celtic Jewelry incorporates Irish coins that were once used as currency. Today Patrick lives on an organic apple orchard in San Diego. He mentors men, continues to create sculpture (working with steal, iron, copper, and granite) and to recite poetry. Patrick’s art is seen in Sacred Sanctuary San Diego, and his poetry may be heard in humble gatherings when we are lucky. :)(1997-2010)

BRYAN holds a bachelors of science in biology, a minor in art from Trinity University, Texas and a masters of science in biology from the University of Texas in Arlington. Bryan has been closely involved with sustainable development in Costa Rica – the associated colleges of the south, certified interpreter – certification permaculture design Texas parks wild life departments specialist -department of biology green house management – field biologist & field conservancy – he’s lived with the indigenous peoples a Costa Rica, and has vast experience with serpent husbandry & herpetology. He specializes in work with Brazilian rainbow boas. Bryan has also worked with children, the elderly & disabled. He is a good friend and helps vision with Alchemy Devi and consults on herpetology concerns(2001-2010)


MAYA, Mystic offers tarot and palm readings. Graduate of Ellen Goldberg’s school of Oracles and Chiromancy Palmistry; The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading (08) 500 HRS, and is a collaborator with Devi Alchemy, Michael Harner The Shaman’s Way Workshop, and Dr. Juan Almendare  Curandismo Workshop(2007-2008).

CHRISTIAAN, CCN. Devi Alchemy and Spiral Awakening sponsored Christiaans’ education as a certified nutritionist. Christiaan is a nutrition consultant & educator & received his training at The Natural Healing Institute (NHI). Christiaan has lived a lifestyle of consciousness, health nutrition & fitness for 20 years. He studied a variety of systems pertaining to the organs & systemic health, anatomy, physiology, and detoxification & cleansing. He researches & markets “super food” digestive herbs & various health products. Christiaan & Dr Devi Lisa have offered live food preparation certification and toured and have spoken on conscious eating since 2000-2003

jim-aplingtonJIM imports Tibetan art & his great affection for this country extends to Tibetan orphans – he has trekked Mt. Everest and with Santosh Gupta he opened the Lotus Gallery in Katmandu encouraging & supporting local artists. Since 1998 he’s lived part-time in Tibet. Currently he keeps us informed of the political upheaval, elections, & the fight to support the Dalai Lama & documents through his words – he sponsors people like Dawa he encourages & financially supports Tibetan artisans who create ‘tangkas.’ He has contributed to Sacred Sanctuary by generously donating permanent  and temporary tangkas(2002-2010).

Stardust is a magic maker…a make-up artist, hair stylist, fyre performer, stilt walker and beautiful being who has brightened up our Women’s Weaves and other events/productions with her generous creativity and loving energy. Stardust and Alchemy Devi performed together with the Mystic Family Circus, Blue Girl, MTV videos, and Circanilia and as extras on indie films(1999-2010)

Magdalene is an artist, painter, metal worker, and lighting specialist, and temple visionary. She has assisted us with pre-production for many sanctuary events. Her and Alchemy co-designed murals that Mags imprinted on our walls in mandalas and esoteric and pagan images along with metal art and fyre wheels at Sacred Sanctuary and  used in our Temple of Now, San Diego(1999-2010).

Lucy is a performance artist who has collaborated on numerous shamanic tantric theatre productions chroeogrphies and snake chi performances with Alchemy in San Diego, mostly at private events(2001-2005).

Tatiana is a painter of goddess art and muse. She has supported Alchemy’s numerous workshops, engaged in Snake Medicine performances, Pranic events, and Tantric soires at Sacred Sanctuary. From pre to post production, she has graciously and effortlessly assisted us in smoothly running our workshops and hosting our Tibetan Buddhist monk programs(2000-2007).

Moonlyte is passionate about consciousness and conscious language. Moonlyte has blessed our garden and our hearts with her presence when staying at Sacred Sanctuary San Diego. She adores all living things especially our BonaDea Collection of temple serpents(2005-2007).

Nuit is a tantrica trained by Dr. Anapol, the Divine Bliss school, Jack Painter, and Alchemy Devi. She studied Alchemy’s presentations of tantric awakening and continues to study delusions of the ego, narcissism, jealosy, hate, rage, and fear and the ego with Alchemy seeking authenticity integrity and honesty(2005-2010) .


Adrienne is a pilates instructor, Thai massage therapist, completing her education in accupuncture. She is also  a dancer who was trained in classical and modern ballet. She has participated in our choreographed and improvised dances at Womyn’s Weaves(1995-2010).

Sergio teaches survival and walks the nomadic path giving and supporting a variety of those in need as he encounters them on the spiral pathway. He has supported a variety of retreats and has been in our herpetology internship for five years. During the 2007 wildfires and evacuation, while Alchemy was out of country, he crept past roadblocks in and stayed despite reverse 911 calls on standby at Sacred Sanctuary for three days to protect our temple serpents(2000-2006).

Natalie earned her M.S. in global entrepreneurial business. She is from Belize and has spent countless hours supporting the foundation of Sacred Sanctuary and Spiral Awakening. She will continue to be an affiliate for international endeavors and collaborations(2008).

Stu, Tess and Mathew John met in 2004 and lived at Sacred Sanctuary San Diego and contributed to Devi’s pujas circles and event series. StuArt and Alchemy reunited in 2009 for vocal training and have been visioning. When Alchemy Devi returned from NYC, they began producing Temple of Now events together using song, improv, dance, ritual, and joyful contact! Stu refers to the dance and song man, and Rev happy bear!(2004-2010)

Mare Tantra practitioner and surrogate has supported and collaborated with Devi Alchemy offering pujas at Sacred Sanctuary. She worked with Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra(2002-2005)


is a beautiful light being, a nowist and conscious communication linguist at SSSD. She is devoted to caring for those less fortunate. She is a mystical elf who frolics with the frog and toad totems. We love her dearly(2005-).