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Naga Yoga

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With Live Serpents & Dr Lisa

Join Dr. Lisa & her serpents, the last Sunday of each month, for her unique practice weaving yoga, meditation and much more


-Enhance asanas and pranayanas

-Improve balance and core connection

-Stimulate energy flow in our organs

-Experience archetypal ancestral dances

-Work with the snake as our totem animal

-Explore touch, cooperation, collaboration

Cultivate empathy, grace, presence, reverence

-Practice breathwork with serpent pranic partners

-Immerse in form, fluidity, transition, impermanence

-Feel the power of silence, reduce stress, increase oxytocin

-Channel, ground, activate, revitalize, integrate energy flow

Focus on muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, joints/bones

Location: Sacred Sanctuary: 12705 Sandy Crest Ct, SD CA 92130

RSVP/Drop In‘s Welcome: (760) 484-7792SpiralAwakening@gmail.com

Date: May 31, 4:00pm-6:00pm

Suggested Donation $5 no one turned away Reoccuring, last Sunday of each month

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Dr. Lisa is an animal activist. She rescues, adopts and breeds snakes. She educateds, practices conservation and promotes ethical snake ownership. She is a psychologist, holistic educator, pranic ritualist and shamanic choreographer. She is finishing a series of ebooks and videos on her work spanning 20 years. She houses over 70 snakes from all over the world (boas, colubrids and pythons).

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