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Spiral Arts Educational Coaching

You may seekĀ  educational coaching with Dr. Lisa

* By Phone

* In Person(one on one private sessions, groups workshop)

*Through her Online Studies

implementing Spiral Awakening and theĀ  Spiral Arts of

Energy, Tantra, Shamanism, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Sound, Psychology, Prosperity, Spirituality, & Community:

*Heal, balance, awaken, integrate, transcend and evolve

*Cultivate consciousness, stillness, and mindfulness

*Discover dormant creative energies and passion and activate your highest potential and destiny

*Transform your visions or current business energies into conscious prosperity products and lifestyles

*Transition into a new career and a conscious green business enterprise

*Live in ways that promote earth sustainability

*Connect to something larger than yourself and awaken globally

*Reprogram your brain, behavior patterns, thoughts, and language and the laws of attraction

*Extinguish negative thoughts energy patterns of victimization, blame, hate, greed and self-righteousness

*Transform your purpose, goals, and motivations and intentional energy

*Amplify your soul purpose, spiritual connection and channel to cosmic energy

*Experience everlasting peace and serenity

*Optimize your body temple, nourish your body and return to a toned body

*Have boundless energy vitality, passion, and joy

*Experience infinite unconditional love, compassion and kindness energy

*Cultivate artistic creative energy

* Live in a constant state of awe

*Become a spiral guest educator and collaborate on projects with us

*Become certified as a spiral arts facilitator and coproduce events