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About The Spiral Arts

Dr Lisa & The Spiral Arts:

* Speaking Engagements at Universities, elementary and high schools, churches, events, corporations on overcoming obstacles through the spiral arts…

*Coaching for yourself, loved ones, family special events and corporate groups

Workshops, seminars, retreats and online course  for practitioners seeking continuing education credits (RN’s, MFT’s, LCSW’s, and Ph.D.’s)

Workshops, seminars, retreats and online course  for the general public seeking self improvement, healing, awakening, and integrating conscious living.


Dr Lisa & The Spiral Arts Institute offer speaking, coaching, online courses, workshops in the following areas:

*Qi/Prana/Energy Medicine/Meditation*

*Spirituality/Cosmology/Quantum Psychology/Meditation/ Stillness*

*Depth Psychology/Shamanic Healing/Animal Medicine/Souls Ascension*

*Brain Health & Evolution/Entrainment*

*Phenomenology and Qualitative Research*

*Conscious Language/ Non-Violent Communication/ Authenticity*

*Sound Healing/Chanting/Harmonies and Toning*

* Unconditional Love /Kindness /Forgiveness /Compassion*

*Partnerships/Relational Consciousness /Global Communities*

*Consciousness/Money/ Prosperity & Abundance*

*Psychologies: Self Psychology, Intersubjective Theory, Depth Psychology, Existential Humanistic Psychology*

*Self Realization*

Embodiment, Presense

*Pet Therapy/Animal Medicine*

*Dances /Yoga/ Qi Gong/ Tai Chi /Qi Field Therapy/Conscious Movement*

*Intimacy /The Sensual Arts/ Enlightened Sex Education for Parents, Children, Teens, Adults, Couples*

*Gender Studies*

*Healthy Bodies /Nutrition/ Conscious Eating*

* Conservation /Permaculture /Sustainability*


Additional speaking:

Dr Lisa is a  Italian-Armenian American woman who has survived illness and trauma and come full circle. She shares her medicine journey and covers:

The alchemy of transformation

How to overcome & thrive with a legacy of a toxic family, domestic abuse, and bullying

How to turn depression, shame and hopelessness into empowerment

How to disengage from drama-pain spirals and become truly  liberated

How to be again youthful, vibrant, light, joyful and healthy

How to let go of the material patterns and eliminate suffering

How to recognize negative thoughts and the monkey mind and find peace

How to release the pain body

How to rebuild after tragedy, loss, illness

How to become free from the tyranny of our egos and self-made prisons

How to transform negative energy, bullying, fear, betrayal, abandonment, injury, violence, loss and emptiness into joy, peace, freedom and bliss

How to love yourself when your friends cannot hold you