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Naga Yoga

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NAGA YOGA … With Live Serpents & Dr Lisa Join Dr. Lisa & her serpents, the last Sunday of each month, for her unique practice weaving yoga, meditation and much more Benefits: -Enhance asanas and pranayanas -Improve balance and core connection -Stimulate energy flow in our organs -Experience archetypal ancestral dances -Work with the snake […]


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my birthday wombn 12_12_2014aa This months WOMBN is an intimate weave celebrating my birthday as well as Kerem Brulé’s birthday. Kerem is the beautiful goddess playing the didj during the last phase of Mika’s healing.. I invite those who feel called to join us for a loving warm outer/inner connection to your WOMB, the collective […]

Sing Your Heart Open! Sept 4th 10-4 By donation, lunch included

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SING YOUR HEART OPEN! Kirtans, Chants, Songs & Soul Voices Back by popular demand, after a fantastic vocal evening, Joy freeman is here for one more day before heading back to the east coast and she is offering an all day sing your heart out vocal gathering! So if you missed the amazing session Wednesday […]

Devotional Singing, Chanting, Vocal Improvisation

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Spiral Awakening  and The Heart Whisperers through 2010: DEVOTIONAL SINGING IN SOUND SANCTUARIES (1st & 3rd Wednesdays) In devotional singing, we create sacred space and celebrate with simple yet powerful songs and mantras. With open heart and throat chakras and vaulted ceilings, we sing, harmonize, hum, hold space, sit, or move while in deep relaxed […]

Forever droppin in

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Dolphins! This coming weekend a WNW swell is supposed to hit hopefully waves 4-6 feet depending on the spot.if confirmed…we will be headin out …if you want to join us and watch ..or participate, let me know.. …we will be heading out and doing a sunset session on saturday, locally i think ..del mar 15th […]

National Geographic features snakes, Henry Rollins & Dr Lisa

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National Geographic features snakes, Henry Rollins, and Dr Lisa. Today producer/director David Clair and Henry Rollins interview Dr Lisa and witness snake medicine, moving meditations, conscious energy journeying and sharing 11 years of Dr Lisa’s unique work with her serpent guides. We are ever so grateful for this opportunity to connect and look forward to […]

Savaging in the Faroe Islands

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Said by myself: I AM ASHAMED TO SAY WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS….WHEN I RECEIVED THIS EMAIL, I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE. I DID SEARCH AND IT IS ON WIKIPEDIA…IS THIS REAL. said by the emailer: Ordinarily, I don’t participate in such things. This one, however, got to me! How could we still be so […]

Dr Lisa @ ASSECT Conference June 2010

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This year in June 2010 at the Pittsburgh at the 42nd conference, Dr Lisa Alchemy Devi presented: Saturday 7am-8am: Tantric Yoga and Moving Meditation Saturday 3:30-6:00pm: The Enlightened Sexuality Survey Results! the Yoniverse Summit and our focus this year and next on Female Genital Mutilation in Africa Her  case study: Correlations between HSV-2 and Kundalini […]

Tiger Woods & Consciousnes

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I was thumbing through the menu of shows and the title: “The Secret Life of Tiger Woods” on TLC caught my eye. I proceeded to watch a group of proclaimed lovers paid to talk about their sexual/emotional relationships with Tiger Woods. I am not interested in gossip for gossips sake. However I am interested in […]

Creativity Writer’s Workshop: Nosara Costa Rica

February 26, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Facilitator: Dr DeviLisa Alchemy: Activating the Third Eye Nosara, Costa Rica Wednesday February 25, 2009 8:30pm -midnight at the Nosara Bed N Breakfast All writers welcomed! Donation

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