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Sacred Sanctuary San Diego Gallery


Quiet, tranquil and convenient.Depending on the type of workshop, we can accommodate 30-70 people in the largest room 10-20 in the lounge room, 10-20 in the garden room and 10-20 in the serpentarium. The largest workshop room featured here has high ceilings and excellent acoustics for sound healing, devotional singing and  intimate concerts. The backyard can accommodate fire performing, poi classes, snake qi, yoga and sunning. The very large grassy park across the street is another excellent place for yoga classes, meditation, qi gong and snake yoga.

Soirees and parties can accommodate up to 150 people. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms, extra sleeping up to 6 in the bonus room, a sound editing room, video editing room, a gym with bowflex, procor, yoga swing and kick boxing, devotional room, dining room, garden room, large lounge room,  large kitchen for nutrition and food demonstrations. The front and back yard have bird fountains and over 20 bird nests: dove, hummingbird, song bird, oriole and more and a variety of fruit trees and exotic vines and perennials attracting hummingbirds, dragon flies, butterflies and swallowtails.

We are conveniently centrally located to everything in San Diego. We are at the vortex for north, south, east and west: walking trails at the sanctuary, mountain biking, canyon hikes to waterfalls and sacred old oaks, rivers, streams, ten minutes to Del Mar cliffs and cliff trails for meditation, walking, qi gong, running,  and epic sunsets and dolphin watching, 15 minutes to La Jolla Cove for kayaking and snorkeling with the leopard sharks and seals. We are ten minutes to surf spots and 15 minutes to beautiful dog beach! 20 minutes from the airport/old town/downtown/hillcrest.