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Sacred Sanctuary New York

Sacred Sanctuary New York City

This is our fifth year in NYC and we are in bloom. An ashram and exotic oasis amidst the Fifth Ave rivers of chi in New York City. Sanctuary NYC is in the center of Manhattan in lower midtown and is a captivating space for mind, body, and spirit revitalization. An exquisite architectural and heritage building erected in the late 1800s for opera singers and infamous performing artists, this space soars with creativity and uplifting energy and is officially dedicated to The Universal Temple of All Tribes. The environment nourishes your senses and restores balance, healing, transformation and re-alignment. SSNYC offers a variety of programs workshops, events, art and performance exhibits…See The Spiral Arts or our Calendar for current and up and coming events

SSNYC is also available for rent to other facilitators. Contact us using our form for rates and availability.

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