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Continuing Education and Consultation

The Spiral Arts Institute offers curriculum for both practitionersfor RN’s, MFT’s, LCSW’s, and Ph.D.’s:

and the general public.

This page displays various spiral pathways to pursue

Education and consulting are for anyone seeking education in the form

of private one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, retreats

or online study

Energy Medicine

  •  Canine contact, dance and therapy
  • Meditation using the assistance of serpents to achieve stillness, to ground and to unblock and open qi flow
  • Qi field healing: understanding energy, how to access it and use it to heal, unblock, and open channels to create flow in all aspects of your life. Lean how to attract positive energy, how to dance with all energies, and how to regulate negative energy


  • White Tantra: Expanded states of consciousness
  • Tibetan Buddhist Tantra
  • The Temple of Now: Expand your energy awareness repertoire
  • White Tantra for Teens: An Education Series for Parents
  • Kundalini: Chakras awareness, clearing, balancing, activating. Awakening Sushumna, Grounding Qi
  • Awaken the Healer Within: Energy Medicine and the Tao
  • Healing approaches for sex “dysfunctions”
  • How to improve as a sentient being, raising your sensual intelligence
  • Tantra I: Prana, the art of breath, auric touch, healing touch, panic moving meditation
  • Tantric yoga
  • Tantra for Couples: Holistic Intimacy Rituals to revitalize love, awe, and
  • The Return of the Goddess and the return of men and women to balance


  • Goddess Wave: M’ocean Meditation using the sea, currents, tides, waves, elements and seascapes to cleanse, heal and awaken
  • Canine Contact
  • Pranayama


  • Canine Contact: Therapy dogs, Agility dogs, Service dogs
  • Ego Psychology
  • Intersubjectivity and Relational Psychology
  • Quantum Psychologies

Sound Healing

  • Devotional Singing, Chanting, Vocal Improvisation,  Sound to heal, cleanse, balance, and awaken


  • Cultivating forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love in order to be free and attract love, give and receive love without expectation


  • Qi Dancing for life


  • Soul Awakening
  • Shapeshifting and Journeying
  • Spirituality and Dissolution
  • Animal Guides
  • Shamanic Tantra
  • Quantum Psychologies
  • Healing Yourself and Becoming a Vessel of Change for Our Communities


  • Nutritious Arts: Conscious Eating, Eating to live vs Living to Eat, Organic foods, food that heal, cleanses, detox, raw foods, herbs, various diets: raw, ayurvedic, vegan, om


  • Conscious Non-Violent Compassionate Communication
  • Conscious Prosperity, Redefining money


  • Earth Tantra: Conservation, permaculture, conscious purchasing, blue-print mindfullness, Organic, NOn-GMO