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I hope it is not too late, but I have done some contemplation over the past month, and here is my reflection of the circle:

Being a part of this circle helped me see other women in a new light, as sisters, here to help each other expand and evolve as sentient beings.  It has given me a different understanding of women’s sexuality, as a beautiful, sacred gift, it is not to be ashamed or embarrassed of, it is something to embrace, cherish, and respect.  It was a special place where I felt I could share anything – happiness, appreciation, uncertainty, guilt, sadness, and feel no judgment in return, only compassion, concern, and presence. The pranic activation meditations Lisa  guided us through has helped me become more aware of just how important my breath is and how it affects every moment of my life.  Soul gazing was the highlight of the experience for me – I have never connected with another woman like that before in my life – it was in such a way I did not know was possible, especially with so little touch and so few words said!  A quote from Lisa I remember most was during a yoni healing, where she simply said, “It’s not about the action, it’s about the intention.”  These words have stuck with me as time has passed, it is something that I carry with me every day as I examine my life and determine what kind of impact I want to have on the world around me.

The circle opened doors for me, not only in tantra, but in experiencing the universe as an energetic, vibrating consciousness, where I am an active co-creator of my reality.  It has been an experience that has changed me forever, I am so grateful.

Lisa, you were an absolutely fantastic leader – open, compassionate, strong, PRESENT, wise, evolving, encouraging, patient, gentle, expressive, transforming – everything and MORE.  I could not have asked for a more perfect guide.  I truly hope we meet again, please keep me updated on your program, and also if there are any other circles or groups you feel my contribution would be beneficial.  Happy Belated Birthday as well, I wish you only the best in this next year and beyond (I am so sorry I could not attend, my family was in town).  Also, if you ever got ahold of the lists of songs and lyrics from Rae, would you kindly send them my way? 🙂  Thank you again, so much, Lisa.





This is a landmark birthday, I know and I can’t believe I know you. Since 1993, you have been an inspiration, a marvelous mirror and a healing force in my life that has brought me to where I am today, HERE! I miss you, have missed you, continue to miss you. I have so many wonderful memories of us in session and in team doing amazing things that fostered so much confidence and empowerment in me. I will plan a pilgrimage there to see you in SD as soon as I can. I love you so much and admire you ALWAYS, ALWAYS you are with me.

In times of trouble I hear your voice. I feel your support. You have given me tools to face the challenges and I do not forget these things. Yes I stray from time to time but what I learn brings me back. You are a gift to the world as you have taught me that I AM.

Did I leave anything out? Yes, I’m sure I did.


del mar


“I recently attended a Women’s workshop meeting led by Dr.
Lisa. I had been reading various sources concerning Kundalini
and wished to learn more. I was not sure what to expect but the
fact that Dr. Lisa continued to make it a point to attain
critical feedback from each participant concerning key issues
made it clear that she placed a high premium on the perspective
of each student. I participated in a ritual in which trauma was
symbolically and powerfully transformed into a cause for
celebration and felt very supported. I also participated in a
pranic meditation as well. It became pretty obvious from the
start that Dr.Lisa knew exactly what she was doing. There was
definitely no reading from a script. She expertly and
seamlessly guided the meditation step by step leading the
pranic energy from each charka to their precise destinations. I
just followed her directions and was able to maintain a dynamic
flow of energy. The sanctuary where she holds her workshop was
quite beautiful as well and held a very profound and calm
energy. I am glad that I took a chance to attend that meeting
since it was the first of its kind that I ventured in
participating. Thank you.

Dr. Lisa  is adept at the use of ritual to facilitate altered states of consciousness in a safe, supportive environment. Strangers in the group quickly become collaborators in creating a space of sacred sound (a Temple of Tones) and full-body energetic blossoming.
Under her guidance, it is easy to gradually shed our typical inhibitions, first ignoring the others to go inward and awaken the sacred self, and then reemerging to unite our energies and bathe in their radiance as we continue to explore the temple through movement, vocalization and rhythmic improvisation. It was at this last group that I finally met up with my totem spirit, puma, feeling it inhabit my body and movements beyond any doubt of the rational mind. It is wonderful to visit this temple and shed the costumes and armor of everyday to remind us who we really are. jordan
It was lovely to be in sacred space with you last night. Thank you for inviting me. It was beautiful to see the students go from dubious and nervous to deep and grounded. I loved being a part of it.

xoxo Erika


You are an old soul close to liberation, God loves you dearly for helping His children tap into their inner beauty… Thank you Lisa

Gerry (Prem Darshan)


Dear Dr. Lisa,
Thank you for your flyer (Mother Daughter Circle Enlightened Sexuality)
Below is an email it inspired me to send my 20 year old daughter now in her last year of college in Oregon.
How may I send you a donation to express my appreciation for your work?
Thank you for your awareness, your efforts and your ability to communicate in these sensitive areas clearly.
Blessings, Andy K
(here is my letter to her)
Dear K,
What parents want for their children is for their children to have an even better life than the parents.
Intimacy is a critical aspect of our human life – we wish you the best life.
Frequently I have lamented that we are trained to feel intimacy is an inappropriate topic for discussion and study.
Fortunately this taboo is dissolving, below is a flyer about the type of information we are becoming able to discuss and study.
I highly recommend accepting intimacy as an area of discussion and study.
Obviously you will not be at this program but it is an example of what I recommend you seek – specifically the third and forth sentences in the body of the text (http://yoniverse.com/mother-daughter-groups/)
If you do not pursue this area I am sure everything will work out fine, it does for most everyone, but I wish you a superior and ecstatic life and intentional focus in this area. (It) will be of value. I Love You, A
RE Enlightened Sexuality,
Dear Dr Lisa Apramian and the Spiral Arts Institute, This was very inspirational to see you getting out there to young adults in school. As a 15 year teacher, it was wonderful to hear action put forth on healthy ways to teach this critical subject area. I support the perspective and the good intentions here.     Shar
I am a minister and artist, specializing in evoking transformational experience through creative expression for individuals and groups – utilizing music, movement and authentic emotional release. I consider myself to be a colleague and also student, of the gifted and accomplished psychologist, healer, educator, facilitator, film and stage producer, Dr. Lisa, Ph.D.

Over the past seven-plus years, and most recently, in her devotional singing, shamanic journeying and Enlightened Sexuality, and heart/yoni healing Wombyn’s circles, I have witnessed Lisa generously share and evolve her passionate calling to provide and guide experiences that open and shift consciousness, cause participants to shed limiting self-images, address and release supressed traumas, discover and confront personal truths, and feel – perhaps for the first time – a glimpse of their own divine sacredness… all in the safest, most loving and encouraging space imaginable.

Dr. Lisa is amazingly sensitive, present, focused and intuitive. She leads with a light and humble touch – though is not at all afraid to be bold, even “ugly” at times (she is a beautiful and elegant woman!) – for the sake of creating an atmosphere of permissiveness, where one can uninhibitedly delve into their own withheld aspects, reclaiming buried parts of themselves – discovering abundantly more lightness, freedom and joy.

A true risk-taker and visionary, Lisa knows she must lead by example. She is her own laboratory of personal evolution, and sincerely walks her talk. I am honored – and “alchemized” – by my association with her, and feel unabashedly proud to recommend – and trust – the value of her offerings and/or participation in any healing, spiritual, growth-oriented arena.

Tes Kempner
Founding Minister
Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness
Human Evolution & World Peace Incubator
Dr Lisa
I think I have actually been at your home many years ago for a visit by Tibetan Buddhist Monks (which was wonderful). I think your effort at enlightened and honoring sex education for young women and girls is absolutely needed and wonderful. I’d love to figure out someway to help/participate. I’d like to keep in touch and know any suggestions you might have. Scott
Hello Cosmic Earth Goddesses All,
I love the title of this website, and it is great that you are having a Yoniverse Summit over Spring Equinox! I would love to teach my class in Yoni Dowsing at such an event… as well as a few other specialties Shondra

Dr Lisa, It was pure joy to meet you (and your dogs) last evening. Thank you for the service you render to this community. I look forward to the rest of this series and to friendship with you. I feel a bond forming there. Jude
Wholessence The Magazine
Lisa, I am so grateful to have met you and participated in the circles; last week was a VERY beautiful evening and I experienced a deep, profound healing; it’s wonderful how you integrate the visualization, tapping in to memories, breathing chanting singing sharing connecting releasing the energy and filling up with the love. Very powerful. Very healing. Thank you for providing a space for us and guiding us. G
I came to San Diego from Tennessee not knowing anyone. I am an independent women and have survived by helping myself or using he internet to find healers. I have real issues trusting women and a lot of rage. I found your website 6 months ago and kept it all this time in my favorites. I moved here and still felt drawn to meet and work with you and your website. In our session you gave so much. You helped me feel comfortable sharing and were able to give clarity, purpos, and helpful methods. Your sanctuary is a very special place; your animals, the peace here, and your power and wisdom. I trust you. Thank you again for your precision, generous time and dedication. In light, Laura
Dear Dr. Lisa,

A lot of time has passed since my visit with you. I am doing well and making much progress in my spiritual journey. I will never forget the kind and gentle care that you showed me, and I wanted to further express my gratitude with this letter.

Today I was doing some surfing on the internet and had the opportunity to access a considerable volume of information about your work and your background. I am both humbled and inspired by the variety of ways that you’ve shared your knowledge and assistance with such a vast array recipients and outlets. Even though it was only for a brief time, I am honored to have been a student of someone who has given so much to the community and to so many. I am grateful for the blessings that I have, and send blessings to you as well.

I hope that my path will lead me to you again one day.


Hello Dr. Lisa my name is JG I am a student in the Marriage Family Therapy program at San Diego State University. I wanted to tell you that I appreciated your work and really felt myself connecting during the exercises that you facilitated. I am not sure if you remember me however I was the one who shared and was feeling emotions of joy, protection and compassion. My classmates inform our program that you offer trainings in exercises like we did in class. I am a certified in Reiki Level one and would like to continue to learn and be trained in other alternative ways of healing. Can you let me know how I proceed in getting trained with you. Thank you again and many blessings. JG
P.S. I signed up and provided my email and contact number on your website….
Dear Dr. Lisa,
Thank you for your flyer (Mother Daughter Circle Enlightened Sexuality
Below is an email it inspired me to send my 20 year old daughter now in her last year of college in Oregon.
How may I send you a donation to express my appreciation for your work?
Thank you for your awareness, your efforts and your ability to communicate in these sensitive areas clearly.
Blessings, Andy K

(here is my letter to her) Dear K,
What parents want for their children is for their children to have an even better life than the parents.
Intimacy is a critical aspect of our human life – we wish you the best life.
Frequently I have lamented that we are trained to feel intimacy is an inappropriate topic for discussion and study.
Fortunately this taboo is dissolving, below is a flyer about the type of information we are becoming able to discuss and study.
I highly recommend accepting intimacy as an area of discussion and study.
Obviously you will not be at this program but it is an example of what I recommend you seek – specifically the third and forth sentences in the body of the text (http://yoniverse.com/mother-daughter-groups/)
If you do not pursue this area I am sure everything will work out fine, it does for most everyone, but I wish you a superior and Ecstatic life and intentional focus in this area (it) will be of value. I Love You, A
Blessings & Love…Lisa Devi and Stu

I wanted to be sure and follow through with an acknowledgment of the wonderful gathering you two conjured and co-facilitated last Sunday! Law of Attraction and the powerful word-spell you put forth to “call in the tribe” did, indeed, summon a juicy collection of high-conscious souls, eager to play, and transform.

I felt really good there – comfortable, appreciative and of value in contributing to the upliftment of the whole.
Thanks for holding a sacred space for all of us to feel safe, and seen, in. I am open to continuing and seeing where this wants to go. I honor you, respect and admire your strength, beauty, vision, wisdom and committment. Thank you for so gracefully displaying the courage to follow through.



Lisa Devi,
That was really fun. All the people there were really nice and the energy was great. I felt so connected to complete strangers. If you told me I would be staring into a grow man’s eyes for a long period of time and telling him I loved him and not feeling totally weird about it I am not sure I would have believed you. I love pushing the envelope, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. To work through the uneasiness and come out the other side is a neat feeling. The dancing, drumming and singing were up lifting and full of good energy. Thanks for inviting me and being such a gracious host. I felt your love and that feels good. Also I felt energy clearing in my sinuses, breathing more easily, and being more alert. I am enjoying this.  Love James 2010
Dear Dr Lisa, We thank you so much for participating in our project. Your contributions were vital to our presentation and we appreciate very much your willingness to help us.
Carolyn and Thien 4/10
Dr Lisa, you were spot on..providing exactly what was needed everything at the exact moments. I felt a deep sense of trust and the perfection of the process you facilitated…almost set up a contradiction to my pattern of mistrust…thank you
from A Gathering of the Tribe: Temple of Now, Tera 5/2010
You are a beautiful, intelligent, wise, gifted, compassionate woman
StuArt, 2010
I was so heartened by your courage in manifesting your Woman’s Weave, and felt such compassion for you. May the blessings of the Goddess be upon you today and always,
Mnimaka-Crone, San Diego 12/04
I will say that Deva Lisa is even more beautiful up close than she is at a distance. Dr Deva Lisa, as some of you know, is a psychologist, a psychologist with a Big Heart. Essentially, in her inimitable loving way, Deva Lisa’s healing ritual and snake medicine performance helped me transition into the next phase of my life, age 69. What you saw was a a magic rite of passage close up and personal. What a way to go! Phil- Shaman, Psychologist, San Diego 2002

The intro Womyn Who Love Womyn workshop was not intimidating, nor a highly sexual experience but more one of opening your heart and engaging in safe discussion about any sexual topic. I recomend attending if you are comfortable with opening up in groups of women you don’t know and with discussions about chakras and energy, and that it seems legit both with and without a partner to go with. I had an experience that opened my mind to understanding commonalities among myself and other women regarding sexual hang-ups and fantasies, both released and built up energy in some of my chakras, and opened my heart to unconditional love. It really was a unique experience for me, helped me open in a way I don’t typically do with new people, and even helped heal me in subtle ways. Kim 2/2010


“Dr. Lisa is the real deal, a embodied priestess of the tantric arts and that if given the opportunity to attend one of her workshops you shouldn’t miss out. The workshop encourged and protected womyn’s sacred sensual energy in a open and accepting enviornment. The chakra meditation was GREAT! There was such freedom in that meditation I felt very energized afterward. I find it important right now as we are shifting towards 2012 and the energy is becoming more feminine. I would say there is a hunger for body awareness and remembering.” Thanks! Oriya 2/10
Thank you for accepting me to be a part of this wonderful group. WOW! What an incredible weekend. There are no words to express the magic that happened. It was an honor and wonderful opportunity to meet you. Thank you for facilitating your home and beautiful sanctuary. You are an incredible woman. It was great to meet other diverse and lovely souls. Each of the persons there was a blessing in various forms. Byron, Sufiya Glendale 2004
Greetings Goddess!
Yesterday’s womyn’s weave was very special…thank you for all you have created and for bringing me into your world! Diane Ure, San Diego 2004
Shamanic Theatre: Dear Devi Lisa, I hope you like these photos. You are a beautiful woman. I respect your art and your love of animals. Nitza 2001
I really appreciated the safe and loving space that was created. I came away with many insights from both the verbal sharing and the guided visualization. Thank you Dr. Lisa, and all the other womyn in the circle 🙂 Violet 2009
I felt so awakened on the inside during this group. The energy in the room from all the women present was both powerful and moving. A wonderful introduction to tantra. Stacey 2010


Thank you so much for your kind energy this afternoon, especially you heart energy – which I truly felt at times. I felt the session was really useful in bringing some more information to my conciousness, particularly what is going on with my 3rd and 5th chakras, and balancing my masuline and feminine energies. I felt an energy shift after the session – lots of activation on the crown and back of my neck.
Blessings, Ed 2005


Dr. Lisa,

It was really wonderful meeting you! My mother and I had such a great time. Thank you for being so aware and attuned to everyone present. I am really interested in learning more about the work you do. You have such a phenomenal gift. I’m also interested in learning more about your theatre group. It sounds quite fascinating. Again, thank you for sharing your light with us! Love, La Keesha and Mom NYC, 8/2008


Hi Dr. Lisa

Thank you for awakening my senses today. I will contact you when I get back from India

Tintshen (Burma), NYC 2007


Dr. Lisa,

This was so much more than I could have imagined. You know so much that at first I felt like an insect. But you are so kind and loving in your guidance, I learned so much. You are a truly amazing teacher and guru guide. I wish there were more people like you in the world. It would be a different place. Thank you. ..I will see you as often as possible to learn and evolve.

Richard NJ, 2006


Dr. Lisa’s authentic presence and integrity as an experientialist and phenomenologist is remarkable reminding seekers of their infinite capacity and power to heal, balance, transform, and celebrate being-ness. Dr. Lisa offers tenderness. She takes the time to love you unconditionally and reflects truth. In so doing, she inspires and empowers men, women, and couples universally.

Oscar, CA 2007


Dear Dr. Lisa,

I am grateful to you. I have been practicing Tantric/Taoist techniques and I feel you are the guide to take me to the next level energetically. After this unbelievable session with you, I commit to advanced meditation with you.

Brian, NYC 2007


Dearest One,

How courageous you are …
To bring together so many women …
To participate in community within such a continuum of intimacy … (in-to-me-see)

And how courageous each woman,
To step,
Ever so carefully, ever so gently, ever so wildly, ever so curiously, ever so adventurously, ever so gratefully …
Outside the beliefs, conditioning and culture that binds them ..
Risking all for that moment of feeling …
That interior hit …
That ah of meeting …
In that place beyond the known …
In that place where magic is created ..
That sea of pure potentiality …

Expression …
Acknowledgement …
Recognition ..
Freedom …

The alchemy of Knowledge into Wisdom …
Cognitive Construct into Embodiment …

Holding the Myth
Holding the Ritual
Offering the daily binds up
Integrating transcendence into the daily life

Lorraine Delear, Santa Cruz 2005


I left feeling more energized than I have felt in over a year. I went to the beach and walked. You asked that I journal later a few words of our encounter. I witness myself so taken by you. I love being in your presence. You are so kind, gentle and loving that I find myself wanting to soar everywhere in life shared with your presence. I remember what it means to be a man evoked by feminine divinity. Thank you. Alexander, Costa Rica 2008


I have been kissing my wife, more now than I have since we were dating 20 years ago.

Walt, TX 2008


There is nothing mechanical about your sessions. You are filled with gentle intelligence and kindness. I feel like I have known you my whole life.

Brandon, NYC 2006


I selected you because of your obvious education and vast experience. I come back to you because I am home.

David, CA 2005


You have forever changed they way I see life.

Joseph, MA 2010


Dr. Lisa, I dreamt I could heal from the place I spent 28 years, sleeping. I recognize you from my dreams, or a past life. You and I were destined to work together and to heal me so I can finally create and participate in the divine plan.

Mary, SC 2004


Dr. Lisa,

We came to you because my wife has been unable to have an orgasm for 15 years. We were frightened to pursue this world but you assured us with your wisdom and voice. You won our hearts so easily. I watched as my wife softened to you. I was amazed. It felt very foreign to me to practice the methods you use with woman. I was grateful for the DVD and metaphors and practice exercises. I was not really sure what this investment would yield, but I knew we could not continue with things as they have been. However, I never dared to think we could come this far. Each day anew as my wife and I frolic and play , we are opening up to spectacular levels of loving kindness. And this makes for some juicy sensuality I thought we would never share. We wholeheartedly recommend you to any couples who truly want to grow and transform.

Keith and Gale, NY 2005


I enjoyed gathering in this circle very much, and thank you for including me!
It has been such a joy meeting and being around so many beautiful souls , as
I ache and have a longing to be around my true spiritual family. I felt a
deeper connection to you. Your home is a true healing sanctuary and you are wonderful light worker. Juliana, San Diego 2004


Our session was one of the best experiences in my life, it was great. My
expectations were exceeded. I had, as it turns out, just a minor idea of
what tantra was about. I’m very happy to have found you. My life is
enriched even if I’m able to remember only a fraction of the good advice you
gave me. Dave, Los Angeles 2009


Well Dr. Lisa, it only took 3 ½ years to convince my wife to attend one of your workshops! Our life has never been the same. We look forward to our sessions with you and are ever so grateful.

Don & Christy, CA 2008


Dear Dr. Lisa, You obviously love what you teach. You obviously live what you teach. I am honored to share time and space with you.

Rommel, WA 2009


Spiral Awakening and Sacred Sanctuary…a true healing sanctuary, you are a wonderful light worker. Belinda 2010