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Bisexual Womyn: Cultivating Conscious Love

July 21, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Cultivate consciousness as womyn who wish to love other womyn

Mentally, spiritually, physically, sexually…we will incorporate aspects of Tantra, Meditation, Wicca, Quantum Physics, Laws of attraction, Energy medicine, and more

Meet around 6pm arriving with food offerings and preparing the priestess table for our feast and feeding rituals

Regroup in  private inner sanctuary  space upstairs approximately 9pm for ritual, meditation, and pathways of exploring consciousness, prayer, touch, movement, connection

Those who wish to stay over can. In the morning, we will have a brisk swim in the ocean, eat, and those who desire to can accompany us to give our support at gay pride in Hillcrest

We invite all goddesses who love other womyn (we also use the word “bi” ) and wish to explore conscious ways to share tears, joy, laughter, moon stories, synergy, healing, compassion, awakening, celebrating, sensuality, sexuality, mens&womyn’s ways of loving, join us.

IF it flows, these groups will continue and our levels of intimacy and nourishing learning and cultivating will grow~

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