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Teens: Moonblossum

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Dr DeviLisa  White Teen Tantra Program ~Presented at the 2009 AASECT conference Moon Blossom: White Tantra for Teenage Girls and their Mothers We address gender, the body, enlightened sexuality education which focuses on “energy intimacy” instead of physical intimacy, menstruation, spiritual definitions of fertility and teen consciousness, self confidence, peers, minimizing pregnancy/STI’s, the collective, and […]

Chi Dancing

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Meet with others who come to cultivate and experiment with consciousness and unified energy fields as improvisational healing art forms. We apply knowledge of alchemy, quantum physics, reiki, tai chi, chi gong, quantum psychology, energy medicine, dance improvisation~movement, and white tantra to the alchemy of healing awakening chi choreography. We move beyond sickness~therapy paradigms. We […]

Goddess Wave ®: M’ocean Meditation

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Alchemy had several summer homes on the water, one at Newport on 56th street near her teacher, the wedge, since she was 11 years old The other was in Coronado, body surfing north beach, IB, and Mexico. Water is medicine and waves are spirals in motion…Alchemy earned her degrees in LA, got licensed, had a […]

Wombn’s Weave and the Visionary Midwives Network

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Since 2004, we have been producing Womyn’s Weaves~Wombyn’s Weaves near the new moon to sew seeds and channel our power as a collective and heal, nourish, awaken, channel our creative energy . The weaves are a gathering of energy and souls offering a myriad of engagement encounters and experiential rituals, to invoke and evoke. We […]

Bisexual Womyn: Cultivating Conscious Love

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Cultivate consciousness as womyn who wish to love other womyn Mentally, spiritually, physically, sexually…we will incorporate aspects of Tantra, Meditation, Wicca, Quantum Physics, Laws of attraction, Energy medicine, and more Meet around 6pm arriving with food offerings and preparing the priestess table for our feast and feeding rituals Regroup in  private inner sanctuary  space upstairs […]

White Tantra

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A powerful form of Tantra… The Spiral Arts Institute offers many White Tantra programs including: Goddess Wave® powerful meditations for womyn incorporating the elements and the ocean MoonBlossom for teenage daughters~mothers … Presented at AASECT, May 09 Sunflower for teenage sons~fathers….Presented at AASECT, May 09 Activation Series Prana Tantra Certification Shamanic Tantra drug free I […]

Snake Medicine, Snake Qi

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Naga Yoga:  Snake Medicine, Snake Qi Learn from one of the most powerful totem animals Connect with sacred serpent guides Practice ancestral dances Archetypal yogic poses Moving meditations and Shamanic journeys and rituals Cultivate consciousness and presence Learn to ground, balance, align, awaken, channel, transform, voyage, heal with chi Private~group classes…… Classes level 1-7: Introduction: […]

Featured Series: Goddess Wave®

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I invite you to explore our Goddess Wave ®: GW Clothing line.. White Tantra workshops, meditation groups, Books, DVD’s, personalized art, Summer body~surf ocean classes,(daily) join us… meet at Del Mar 20th street, blacks, or boomers Look at our yummy colors for summer. Goddess Wave ® stretch string tees for yoga, dance, or just spiraling […]