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Nutritious Arts Network

March 19, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

A Nourishing Arts Network
Once monthly potluck

Topics: Nutrition meditation energy medicine, raw food basics, conscious eating, spring body cleansing

Activities: Sample sumptuous innovative raw foods, innovative ethnic recreations, nutritious dialogues, and cultivating nutrition energy medicine

Pranic Activation led by Dr DeviLisa Alchemy

April 9th Thursday, 2009, 6:00pm-8:00pm
RSVP SpiralAwakening@gmail.com

Hosts:  Jessica, Johanna, DeviLisa (conscious eating)
Location: Sacred Sanctuary San Diego:
Suggested donation $4.00
Or help us prepare the day or two before, come early to set up and/or stay after and clean

Expect delicious organic hourderves or meals at this raw food & drink conscious community collaboration.  Eating gatherings sharing organic meals made with love, sumptuous recipes, nutrition information, conscious eating dialogues with interesting vibrant people passionate about health, nutrition, and consciousness. Weaving nutrition energy medicine.

Memo: We are always looking for new raw interns who are a good fit and wish to be a part of this event, perhaps on a rotating schedule, and also for other events we  produce here and abroad

East Del Mar~Carmel Valley
Contact Info: Devi
RSVP’s SpiralAwakening@gmail.com
Website: SpiralAwakening.com
San Diego, CA


Please Note: We celebrate vitality with mostly raw vegan/vegetarian food along with some cooked food additions for those in transition or with doshas/metabolism/nutrition needs that include lightly cooked and occasional seafood. We are a nonjudgemental open group that honors intuition nutrition. We have a lovely temple and also would be happy to offer our space to host some of your raw events. Alchemy and other tribers have offered many raw events here from 200-2004. From 2004 onward,we have spent a lot of time in our other locations: NYC and Costa Rica and are happy to be back in San Diego!

*All Spiral Art workshops, retreats, and events include conscious food and eating programs and menus.

*Nutritious Coaching is available and customized for privates, workshops, and retreats for individuals, couples, families, and groups ..

assessment and understanding of all diets (for example: vegan, vegetarian, meat, omnivorous diets, cooked and raw) in relation to digestion, body types: doshas, metabolism, oxidation, blood type

body diet weight and correlations to a healthy brain and menses

seasonal foods and correlations to organs

eating to heal, eating to awaken

water, exercise, and the lymphatic system

the digestive system

fasts, carbohydrates, and protein ratios

fats that heal


cooked foods and their place in our diet

raw foods, their place in or diet, and safety tips

addictions, cravings, comfort foods, convenience foods

the best tips and lifestyle changes avail to overcome challenges to conscious eating for adults, children, and pets

supplements, superfoods, health products, herbs, and deeper study

vipassana and food nutrition meditations

food meditation, transformation and activation

Devi has been cultivating and practicing conscious eating for over 33 years and has been fascinated by health and healing through conscious eating since her early teens.  As a psychologist, she specialized in attachments, addictions, and “eating disorders” in private practice for 18 years and in 2000, she  restated her emphasis to supporting the challenges and triumphs of conscious eating and conscious living. For 9 years, clients have come to Sacred Sanctuary for a relaxing and comfortable retreat setting using extended stays to cleanse and detoxify. Devi and Christiaan, CCN  began offering health talks and nutritious coaching including cleansing, detoxification, parasite live-gallbladder and colon cleanses, as well as sumptuous hands-on cooked and raw food preparation classes in 2000. Devi has been in the media speaking on healing with herbs and whole foods. Visnu Priya and Camilly have served succulent raw foods while interning here. Devi’s newest raw food interns: Johanna and Jessica.

Please see our nutrition Gallery and check back from time to time as we upload more event photos


2 Responses to “Nutritious Arts Network”
  1. relll says:

    i am looking for some books on eating healthier. I work out a lot and need to replenish my body. I am trying to get away from eating meat. If u can point me in the right direction it will be a big help.

  2. DevaLisa says:

    Please call me for a 15-30 minute consult
    paypal $15-$30 payment
    any morning from 9-10am