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Snake Workshop


DeviAlchemy  in 


“Moving Meditation:  awaken snake medicine” 


cultivate presence reverence consciousness 

improvise with serpent improvisation medicine  

and artful moving meditation 

practice fluid graceful yogic archetypal poses 

experience the power of silence breath intentional touch 

channel energy and recreate shamanic ancestral dances 

 ground align revitalize awaken transform 

develop bonds and set intentions rituals visions 


Snake Chi Artistry Sundays 11-2 promptly  

Manhattan: Sacred Sanctuary: The Womb Chakra 

Lower Midtown Fifth Ave 


917 280 4858 

Requested Donation: $25.00 

Come with open minds and hearts 



DeviAlchemy is a practitioners, choreographer/dancer, and visionary 

interactive artist with a theatre and dance company. She has studied, 

performed, and published Snake Medicine: Moving Meditation since 

1999. With an exotic collection of snakes in California and on the East 

Coast, she offers evocative workshops. She has applied her unique 

methodologies to The Spiral Arts products offering a variety of 

DVD’s, books, classes, seminars, retreats, and private facilitation.