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Goddess Wave: M’ocean Meditation

Goddess Wave ®: M’ocean Meditation

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Alchemys Movie: Forever Dropping In~~ tune in!

Alchemys Movie: Forever Dropping In~~ tune in!


Alchemy had several summer homes on the water, one at Newport on 56th street near her teacher, the wedge, since she was 11 years old The other was in Coronado, body surfing north beach, IB, and Mexico. Water is medicine and waves are spirals in motion…Alchemy earned her degrees in LA, got licensed, had a private practice and directed her feature film, Not Bad for a Girl. Then she moved down to Del Mar area where she has lived for 12 years now. She spends a lot of time in then water at del mar, la jolla, OB, IB, and more.. dropping into waves~~~to purify and awaken~

Join Alchemy: We start each session with meditation and qi gong, becoming one with the wave6365a. Then we enter the water.

Drop in and hydroplane down the face of glassy wave, if you can, get tubed, and cultivate acrobatics like a dolphin. It is a true art form 3451aand as you get better, we can go on body surf retreats that are unforgettable! Your body will be cut in no time and it is the only way to start a day. Purify, cleanse, revitalize! Alchemy can almost guarantee you will see dolphins sealsFH000011_1 SANY0019 me petting leopard sharks and guitar fish and fish at her spots and if you are with alchemy, you may get touched by them. We encourage you to experiment without a board, however, you may wish to bring boards, boogie boards, hand guns (for hydroplaning), and/or kayaks to the beach.seals and alchemy

To RSVP for any date email Alchemy! Where we meet and the time depends on attendees experience, wind, and swells at del mar, blacks, hospitals or boomers…

~ learn with ease and grace~~~

M’ocean meditation daily and sunset on sundays

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