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Alchemy of Love – Valentines Day Events

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Intimacy Rituals

The quintessential Valentines Day Gift, more precious than diamonds

Discover the arts and methods of Tantra and expand your sensual arts repertoire.

Cultivate the erotic arts of touch, breath, gazing and kissing.

Loving, integrative exercises that develop your capacity to be authentic, present, inspired and in awe of your partner.

Witness your infinite capacity to give and receive love.  Behold the ecstatic dance of masculine energy, divinely inspired by the mystic wisdom, power and grace of the feminine.

Guided by Dr. Lisa, who has over 20 years of experience as a licensed depth psychologist and specializing in womens and mens emotional and sexual healing, evolution and transcendence, this program integrates mind, body and spirit.

White tantra rituals are clothed with no sexually explicit exercises.  Red tantra rituals are also available upon request.

The Environment:  The room temperature will be comfortably warm so bring layers.  Please wear no perfumes or colognes.  Light appetizers will be served.


Women: bring/wear a sarong or long skirt that you feel sensual in, which you an sit comfortably cross-legged in, and an attractive comfortable shirts, tank, swimsuit, bra, or camisole and underwear you feel comfortable and sensual in.  Also bring a veil(s) to play with if you have one.

Men: bring/wear yoga pants or pajama bottoms, briefs, that have room for movement and seating or a sarong to wrap around your lower half and an attractive sensual shirts or tank top.

The Valentines Day Intimacy Rituals run nightly from February 8-14th, 6-10pm.  Reservations are required along with a 20% deposit with your reservation.

Private couples Intimacy Ritual  $800 -$1200, depending on session type

Small groups (2-4 couples max)  $300 – $450 per couple depending on session type

Please call or email to reserve your space today!

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