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Tibetan Buddhist Monk Teachings

April 26, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Beginning in 2001-2011, Dr Lisa and Spiral Awakening, LLC started  hosting Tibetan Buddhist monks and their Rimpaches from the Gaden Shartse Monastery annually. The monks offered cleansing rituals, sound healings, private sessions and Tibetan Buddhist teachings to our community. In return we give them offerings to raise money for their monastary. The monks offer 2 hour home blessings (clearing negative energy)  for Sacred Sanctuary in San Diego repeatedly ( a ceremony that takes an hour) as a place for healing and awakening.  Dr Lisa was first given the name DeviLisa by the monks in 2001. Over the years, the monks have offerred chanting, private sessions, teachings on  karma and vajrasatva purification rituals.

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