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Tiger Woods & Consciousnes

February 20, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I was thumbing through the menu of shows and the title: “The Secret Life of Tiger Woods” on TLC caught my eye. I proceeded to watch a group of proclaimed lovers paid to talk about their sexual/emotional relationships with Tiger Woods. I am not interested in gossip for gossips sake. However I am interested in […]

Alchemy of Love – Valentines Day Events

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Intimacy Rituals The quintessential Valentines Day Gift, more precious than diamonds Discover the arts and methods of Tantra and expand your sensual arts repertoire. Cultivate the erotic arts of touch, breath, gazing and kissing. Loving, integrative exercises that develop your capacity to be authentic, present, inspired and in awe of your partner. Witness your infinite […]

Greetings and Welcome…

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“The Spiral is an archetypal pattern of  energy-in-motion. The Spiral Arts are the spiral pathways of awakening mindful presence through:  integrative quantum psychologies, spirituality, energy medicine, meditation, nutrition, breath work, yoga, movement, sound vibration, shamanism, the tantras, holistic enlightened sensuality/intimacy, community, animal medicine, compassionate conscious communication and earth conservation. Whether you seek to earn continuing education […]