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Snake Medicine, Snake Qi

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Naga Yoga:  Snake Medicine, Snake Qi Learn from one of the most powerful totem animals Connect with sacred serpent guides Practice ancestral dances Archetypal yogic poses Moving meditations and Shamanic journeys and rituals Cultivate consciousness and presence Learn to ground, balance, align, awaken, channel, transform, voyage, heal with chi Private~group classes…… Classes level 1-7: Introduction: […]

Greetings and Welcome…

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“The Spiral is an archetypal pattern of  energy-in-motion. The Spiral Arts are the spiral pathways of awakening mindful presence through:  integrative quantum psychologies, spirituality, energy medicine, meditation, nutrition, breath work, yoga, movement, sound vibration, shamanism, the tantras, holistic enlightened sensuality/intimacy, community, animal medicine, compassionate conscious communication and earth conservation. Whether you seek to earn continuing education […]