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Heart Whisperers: Spring Cleansing Awakening and Celebrating!

April 8, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I cordially invite you and anyone you feel compelled to invite to a spring heart cleansing, healing and awakening celebration! We come together to connect, heal, discuss and practice methods to come into balance and release anything that is not serving us. We share and inspire one another with our loving presence and gifts from the heart. Everyone will have a chance to offer darshan or channel love and grace to the group…whether it be an organic sumptuous taste of something or or organic non alcoholic elixir, a flower, a sound, a movement or dance, a song, gazes, a poem, a share, energy meditation…here at Sacred Sanctuary in Del Mar/Carmel Valley.

You may bring a cushion or small chair or back jack if you wish.

There may also be attendees of like mind and spirit whose names are not on this meet up:)

I look forward to meeting and connecting and soaring with all of you

Blessed Alchemy DeviLisa


Sacred Sanctuary

San Diego, CA 92130

email to rsvp and get directions

suggested donation $5.00

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