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Tantric Priestess 2009

May 23, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

(Our first Tantric Priestess, 2001 Sacred Sanctuary, San Diego

This is a annual program we call in psychologist, counselors, reverend, and healers for.

Spring marks commencement of the Annual Tantric Priestess Tribal Gathering. We call in integrous courageous womyn co-facilitators interested in developing expanding and collaborating in unity as priestesses. Our mission is to heal, awaken, and embody enlightened sexuality and higher callings. We will examine how we channel and express ourselves as women,  how we cultivate intimacy with our partners, how we are personified in culture, society and media, and taking responsibility.  We will brainstorm global visions and role model collaborative models, as alternatives to competition.  contact Devi

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