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Tiger Woods & Consciousnes

February 20, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I was thumbing through the menu of shows and the title: “The Secret Life of Tiger Woods” on TLC caught my eye. I proceeded to watch a group of proclaimed lovers paid to talk about their sexual/emotional relationships with Tiger Woods.

I am not interested in gossip for gossips sake. However I am interested in the fascination we the people have with media exposes…and shaming others for their “transgressions”.  Media exposes are successful social methods of very quickly putting pressure on successful people to check their “moral” behavior..WE exploit and support peoples’ successes. Tiger has earned a pretty penny  from us for his golf proficiency persona. So why shouldn’t we shame his transgressions?  My intention is to ask if how we are evolving when we emphasize/expose his poor judgement, infidelity and sexual addiction? Is there another way to articulate his behaviors and his judgement, and the women who shared connection with Tiger?

I have zero attachment to Tiger.  Tiger is a reflection of us. He is simply a human being and his choices are an opportunity for us all to examine  consciousness, the illusions of marriage, and the delusions of infidelity, greed, lust, and power. Tiger has made a statement that he intends to get back to his roots as a Buddhist. Buddhism is a perfect religion for Tiger to reference…a religion of compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.  And Tiger is back “in” sex addiction rehab, at the General Path in Pine Grove, Mississippi.

Buddhism  focuses on the delusions of hate, judgement, and self righteousness. So what exactly is Tiger’s ( an our) addiction really about? What is this drama Tiger Woods wave of energy flowing in our collective consciousness? The emptiness of compulsive sex, success, money, material wealth, respect, and an intelligent wife and family. Those things cannot fill Tiger or any of us.  Let us be grateful for Tiger reminding us today that the material world cannot fill us, cannot fix us, and cannot truly essentially define us. And guess what? Neither can the refuge of self righteousness. There is no separation between Tiger and us.

And last, let me mention Tantra. As an enlightened sexuality coach, I would like to remind Tiger and all beings tempted by the beauty of young Goddesses of Tantric methods to be inspired by arousal that are conscious, empowering and ethical. For more info, contact Dr. Lisa.

Blessings as we all grace the paths, Dr Lisa, Ph.D,

Compassion Alchemy

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